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Contact Lens Appointments
The doctor can only determine the exact contact lens exam fee after the medical part of the exam is completed The medical part of the eye exam starts at $140 (if no insurance) or a copay and/or refraction fee depending on your insurance. The cost of the contact lens exam will be discussed with the doctor at that point. You may then choose not to proceed if you are not comfortable with the fee.

*It is in your best interest to bring any of your old contact lens information such as prescriptions or boxes. Sometimes the information you bring can help keep the cost of the exam down. The cost of the contact lens exam starts at approximately $80 and up. Many variables are used in determining the exact price. For example, "first time" contact wearer exams will cost more than exams for patients who come for return visits.
Feel free to discuss these variables when scheduling your appointment.

As with any other exam, please bring:>
Eye exams may often require dilation, which can make you vision blurry for several hours. We recommend that you bring sunglasses and someone to drive you to your appointment.
* Your current glasses and/or contact lenses
* A list of all your current medications, prescription and non-prescription.
* A Current driver's license
* Insurance I.D. card
* Physician referral if required by your insurance

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