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Contact Lenses Can Change Your Life

A brief and painless medical contact lens exam helps us determine what type of lenses you need and how much they will cost. We will provide a clear price upfront to ensure you are comfortable before proceeding with your exam.

What You Need To Know Before Your Contact Lens Exam

If you currently wear contact lenses, please bring your prescription and boxes to the office for your contact lens exam. This information enables us to keep the contact lens exam as efficient and cost-effective for you as possible. Contact lenses have many pricing variables that we will discuss with you in the office. For example, first-time contact wearer exams will cost more than exams for patients who come for return visits.

Astigmatic correction starts at a minimum power of -0.75D for all soft contact lenses whether daily, biweekly, or monthly. It is unnecessary to correct smaller amounts of astigmatism with contacts.

Biofinity (monthly replacement) and Acuvue Oasys (biweekly replacement) are two lesser expensive soft contact lenses and both can correct for astigmatism. There are also many other soft contact lenses that can correct for astigmatism, but a monthly or biweekly lens will be most cost effective.

Acuvue 1 Day Moist are among the best lenses for patients with astigmatism. However, Biofinity, Bausch and Lomb Ultra, Air Optix, most Acuvue lenses offer astigmatic correction in a wide variety of different powers and lens replacement schedules that will fit the needs of nearly all contact lens wearers.

Colored contact lenses that correct for astigmatism can be ordered through Athwal Eye Associates and other eye-care practices, however they require a special fitting and so are not available or should not be ordered through online contact retail outlets.

Yes, there are soft contact lenses for high myopia (Up to -12.00D) and astigmatic lenses that correct up to -2.75D of astigmatism (some extended range lenses may be able to correct even higher amounts of astigmatism, but typically higher amounts of astigmatism or myopia require gas permeable or scleral contact lenses.

Depending on the amount of astigmatism. Up to or less than -2.75D can be corrected for with typical soft contact lenses.

Toric contact lenses that correct for astigmatism are typically prism ballasted or weighted to prevent misalignment.

Yes, many disposable contact lens correct for low to moderate astigmatism.

There are many, but typically daily disposable lenses such as Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism.

If you have more than -0.75D of astigmatism you may benefit from a toric contact lens.

There are many multi-purpose solutions such as biotrue and renu that clean, store, and disinfect soft lenses.

The best way to clean is by using a multi-purpose solution.

They correct refractive error in the same way as glasses or any other corrective lenses.

Pro: Lowers or eliminates dependence on glasses. Con: proper contact lens hygiene and safety must be practiced to avoid infection or other eye conditions.

Must be taken out before sleeping every night and should not be worn underwater (showering with lenses is typically ok).

Yes, as long as proper lens safety and hygiene is practiced.

Daily disposable lenses. Enzymatic cleaner can be used in addition to solution.

Yes typically for up to 14-16 hrs.

Infection and other eye problems that can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness.

Usually 3-5 days.

Almost all lenses must be removed every night before sleeping. Typical replacement schedules include daily disposable, 2 week, or monthly.

Quite variable. Depends on many factors.

Wash hands and remove lenses every night before bedtime. Use solution and gently rub lenses with solution and clean fingers before storing them overnight. Make sure not to reuse solution or store in cases for longer than recommended.

Possible infection or irritation do to contact lens wear but usually this can be prevented with good hygiene.

The longest is Air Optix night and Day which can in some cases be worn for 7 days and nights consecutively.

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