Glaucoma is a disease caused by eye pressure that damages the optic nerve, which is essential for sending information from the eye to the brain. If not diagnosed and treated early, glaucoma can result in loss of vision. We screen all patients for glaucoma during routine check-ups. If glaucoma is diagnosed, we monitor patients with regular exams and glaucoma testing. Our office has the most up-to-date equipment needed to diagnose and assess the progression of glaucoma.

We offer a variety of treatment options for glaucoma, including medical treatment such as eye drops to lower eye pressure. Surgical treatment options for glaucoma include laser surgery such as SLT, ECP, and laser iridotomy. We also perform minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries such as CyPass Mico-Stent, Xen Gel Stent, and Trabectome. For more advanced glaucoma, tube shunt procedures such as Ahmed Valve implantation may be necessary. We work together with our patients to come up with the best treatment plan based on the type and severity of glaucoma that a patient has.

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