Optical Boutique

At Athwal Optical we have a personal stylist on the premise to help you select the best pair of glasses for your individual look and needs. Ada has 36 years of experience as a stylist and custom fit for patients. Ada follows all the latest trends, styles and can fit you with her expertise experience.

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Barbara Halm Our licensed optician has over 30 years of experience working in this field. Her specialty is in low vision, prisms and progressive lenses. Most single vision lenses are done within 1 hour as long as we have them in stock.

Optical Boutique

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Visit Our Optical Boutique
Our optician, Barbara, is on-site full time and has over 30 year’s experience.
Our Optical Boutique accepts the following insurance plans:

VSP St. Barnabas Discount AARP Discount
Eye Med AAA Discount NVA
Medicare Superior Insurance Avesis

Please check your plan's coverage to know which benefits apply. Benefits may not apply to designer frames.
Our Optical Department may accept different insurances than our office. Please verify that we accept your vision coverage prior to purchasing glasses. *Benefits may not be combined with any other offer or discount.

Same Day Frames

At Athwal Eye Associates we carry a large variety of lenses and can have your glasses made for you while you wait.

Our Frames

Athwal Eye Associates offers a complete optical department housing a large selection of frames ranging in price from the basic to designer frames. You will find the latest in designer frames to customize with your own prescription. Prada, Jimmy Choo, Swarovski, Juicy Couture, and Michael Kors are just a few of our designers to choose from.


Patients can see themselves clearly and make frame selections with confidence! Now you can use the Optikam to see how you look in the new frames. The Optikam computer captures instant images of you while trying new frames. It takes your photo while wearing the new frames. Then you can put on your glasses to see it clearly. The photo can even be emailed to you to view at home.


Today's technology has advanced dramatically. Lenses are now computer-engineered and every digital progressive lens is personalized to your unique prescription. No two lenses are the same. New digital lens processing creates a lens that has superior clarity and a wider field of vision. Be sure to ask our optician about lenses specifically designed for working at the computer.

New Coppertone Polarized lenses
* Block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
* Provide more HEV protection than ordinary sun lenses
* Are an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin
* Are light weight
* Are designed to not harmfully distort color perception
* Are virtually unbreakable and highly scratch resistant

We carry 7EYE by Panoptx!
* Panoptx 7EYE has a non-air permeable shield against wind, glare and airborne irritants. They are perfect for motorcycle riding and other sports where visual clarity and protection are crucial.
* Due to the their ability to retain corneal moisture and block evaporation, Panoptx 7EYE glasses have also been found to be effective in relieving symptoms of dry eyes.
* Available with or without prescription

If you would like more information on how to choose the right pair of sunglasses please visit:

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